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STRATUS is a well-known brand on polish furniture market, creating interiors for both government and private companies since 1984. In 2015 brand STRATUS had been bought by brand Ader-Meble, providing continuous support for existing partners. We treat each customer individually, caring about ergonomy, design and beauty of space that we create.

For full comfort and best impression of our projects we provide:

  • proffesional advisory
  • designing interiors with 3-D visualisation
  • pricing on various combinations of furniture
  • transporting and assembling
  • guarancy service.

We kindly invite You to partnership. We will contact You for personalised visit, prepare interior design, 3-D visualisation and free pricing. We believe, that You will join the group of our satisfied customers.

35 years of work
1500 decorated hotel rooms
1760 trusted partners
9000 created work places